All in This Together

My car wouldn't start and I missed my flight yesterday.  It was quite the awesome team effort to get me there.  One neighbor hooked this truck up to my car with jumper cables... no go.  My friend who was going to drive me to the airport texted the cab company to dispatch a ride to my house.  Another friend dropped what he was doing to come by and pick me up.  Finally another neighbor offered to drive me to the airport... leaving 15 minutes earlier than planned to pick up her 4 year old, while toting her 2 year old with us.

I missed the cut off time for checking in and the next flight was sold out.  Although my guts were in a knot my outside presented as calm and centered... even after the kind woman at the desk said, "You're late."   She did what she could to find me a flight out the next day, today.  Nothing showed up in my category of ticket that would cost me less than $650.00.  She asked a co-worker for help, but they couldn't find anything.  She asked me why I was late.  I gave her the condensed version of the story, then she went to speak with her supervisor.  He allowed her to charge me only $50.00 to change the ticket... because she asked and told him my circumstances!

Thanking her for her help and for going out of her way to find me a decent price, I was pleasantly surprised by her response... "Well maybe there will be something special here for you tonight."  I received a text message saying that my friends were on their way to pick me up.  They greeted me with smiles and hugs, "Hey welcome home! How was your trip?"  We talked about Human Design and the energy that the earth is in right now.  Also talked about doing our best to keep a positive outlook in all situations.  As they dropped me off they offered to take me to the airport today and asked if there was anything else I needed.

After I had my car towed to the shop another friend picked me up and took me to get some food.  We ended up at his house and I got to play with two incredibly bright and fun little boys, 7 and 4 years old.  Today another friend brought me the keys to his van so I could get around and do some errands, my neighbor offered to take me to the airport, another friend left me a voice mail asking if she could help in any way, the original friend mentioned in this blog post has checked in on me twice to see how I'm doing, my friend in BZMT called to get my flight info so he can pick me up tonight, and the woman at Peet's accepted my offer to let her taste my dessert that she was craving.  Now I'm waiting for mom to pick me up so we can eat late lunch and then she'll drop me at the airport.

"All in This Together" is a title inspired by the auto mechanic who apologized that my car had broken down.  I have done my best to focus on the positive aspects of life and to believe in the goodness of people.  Thank YOU for being~

Onward and upward!

Light and Dark