Allergy Attacks and Cold Mountain Stream Water

Today the smoke came back to the Gallatin Valley.  As soon as I opened my eyes this morning I could tell because the light coming into the room was dark yellow, almost amber.  It wasn't very apparent until we went up into the mountains to wild harvest Chanterelle mushrooms.  It took me a moment to adjust to plunging into the forrest.  I quickly realized that what I had to adjust was my pace... rather than keep up with my friend who was bolting to the secret spot, I prefer to amble.

When we slowed down and kept our eyes open for the prize mushrooms I got to appreciate all the forrest has to offer.  With the stream rushing by to our left giving the perfect sound track I took in layer upon layer of beauty.  Something was in bloom that I'm allergic to and I began to sneeze uncontrollably.  Maybe it was to the peace of the situation, or possibly it was another growth marker... but I was OK with the process my body was in.  Sneezing, heaving, sweating, itching eyes, post nasal drip, rest, repeat.  Historically I've always hated allergy attacks and the way they made me feel.  Today I simply observed and felt what was happening just as I was taking in the incredible nature all around me.  Have I told you how much I love the sound of the wind singing throughout he pine forrest?

We found two little baby Chanterelles and then headed up to the lake.  I opted out of a quick dip at Hyalite Lake with the general public enjoying its offerings.  Instead I asked to pull over on the way down to go for a dip into the creek.  My knack for finding the perfect place was spot on today.  Access was easy, the scenery spectacular, and although it was just off the road it was out of sight and the sound of the rapids drowned out any road noise.  I jump on any chance I get to be naked in nature!  I got to scramble across beautiful granite boulders and find a little area to submerge myself without getting swept down stream.  

The frigid snow melt water rushing over the rocks became an amazing natural allergy relief medicine.  I kept cupping handfuls onto my face and visualizing my sinuses being cleaned out, allergens being washed down stream.  Breaks were necessary as my hands and face was getting numb.  I repeated the face splashing until it was time to go.  Trying to shout over the volume of the rapids I felt my throat closing and my voice getting strained.  It didn't feel like my typical allergy symptoms.  Then I remembered the smoke.  By the time I got to the car my allergy attack was back on.  So it was not a full cure, but it was a beautiful and fun way to get some real temporary relief.

Hyalite Creek Natural Allergy Relief