Rum and Coat

I love Minnesota!  Landed here last night after a wonderful last two days in BZMT.  I flew out here for a family reunion on my dad's side.  I must be the 'good weather bringer' because again I landed after a long hot and humid spell, and the temps dropped and the rains came.  It's so beautiful and green here in the summer.

After having dinner with my mom, uncle and cousin I picked up my other cousin's car and stopped at Whole Foods for provisions and an orchid for my auntie.  The drive from St. Paul out to Andover was pleasant and quick without traffic.  The treehouse on the Rum River was lit beautifully and my dear auntie welcomed me home!  It's been several years since I've relaxed in her sanctuary she's created here on the river.  

Deep breaths and peaceful, loving vibrations emanate naturally from within here.  I was not able to sleep out on the porch because the mosquitoes were heavy.  No biggie... I just moved down to the middle of the dance floor and crashed on a super comfy couch with the cool breezes bringing in the sounds of the river.  This morning we slept in late and then made chocolate chip cookies while visiting with 'Granny' (the elderly matron who was born and raised up the hill, who auntie helps care for) and her grandson who stopped by for a chat.

By the time I got outside to drink green tea and soak in the wind, trees, river and wildlife the clouds had broken up and were floating puffy whites across a rapidly changing sky.  I found the tree (pictured below) had fallen over since I've been here last.  Always amazed at how nature seeks life, I thought of my life and my family's life and life in general.  As you see this tree is still very much alive... it's just growing sideways instead of up.  It reminded me of how we get knocked down and how we have a choice of what to do afterward.  I'm so grateful for choosing to get back up and keep on keeping on.

Rum River, Andover, Minnesota