From Dolphins to Montana

Here we go... this morning I was blessed to be able to wake up before sunrise. Unusual for me as I've historically been a night owl.  I can indeed wake up for dawn patrol surf sessions.  I got to meet my brother, cousin (who is visiting from Minnesota- btw, he surfs Lake Superior out of Duluth, MN, in the fall and winter! Hardcore) and 2 childhood friends at 'Mouse's' in Mission Beach, San Diego.  The waves were not great, the jelly fish were prolific and it was a bit chilly.  But the water was wet, the connections were wonderful and we got to surf with the dolphins! Love them.  Love surfing with them.

In a little bit I will be boarding a plane and heading to Bozeman, Montana.  Haven't been to BZMT for quite a while now.  I'm going mainly to visit my dear old friend who recently had some bladder cancer removed.  Although the prognosis looks good (he rode his motorcycle to work the day after his surgery!) I wanted to take the opportunity to visit while I could.  Looking forward to catching up, playing music, camping in the mountains under the big sky, soaking in the hot springs, swimming in the river, riding bikes, etc.

Gotta run and finish the final details pre departure. Cheers!

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