Solito Solace

If you ever want to be alone in the middle of a big city, go for a walk to the park while it's raining in San Diego.  This evening it was really raining.  I know this because I have lived in Maui, Oahu, and San Francisco... where it really rains.  It was so exciting I had to go out and get some!

Two blocks later I walked into the park at Morley Field and hugged the usual suspects.  As I approached each of my beloved Eucalyptus trees I was keenly aware of how many of their friends had fallen over the years.  Every winter they topple over during the rain and wind... small shallow roots giving way to loosened soil and wet top heaviness.

All of my senses were hyper-aware as I walked under their pouring heavier drops.  Although it wasn't particularly windy, one never knows when a giant tree is going to fall.  Each wet hug was extra fragrant and I noticed that a couple of my friends had foam at their base.  The ground was soft and comfy under my feet thanks to the much needed rain.  Pure bliss.

Usually during my evening walks the park is teeming with life.  Fitness freaks of all kinds use the grass, tennis courts, pool, baseball fields, velodrome, and canyon trails for their chosen favorite activities.  It's great people watching.  But this evening it was completely empty.  No one was out.  Literally.

I quite enjoyed the solitude amidst the expanse of our amazing park, especially with the rain drumming on my barely water resistant hood.  Wet face was looking for owl.  No such luck.  It's not that I was missing companionship, but I thought it'd be quite a blessing to have owl grace me with her presence while I was solito.  I said hello anyway.

As I was wrapping up the end of the loop across the field where soccer teams are typically running drills, I was amazed at the fact that I had yet to cross another human's path.  Are San Diegans allergic to rain?  Was I the only soul who answered the call to be anointed by nature's holy water?  Apparently so... at least in that neck of the woods.

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I thought of writing this blog as I left the park and headed home.  The gutters were overflowing.  I watched in wonder, pondering our severe drought and was baffled at how hundreds of thousands of gallons of water were rushing through the drains out to the ocean.  Isn't there an engineer who can design a catchment system, diverting all urban runoff into a reservoir where it can be treated and used?  We could fill Watsu pools and water gardens with it, and obviously so much more.

Alas, as I rounded the corner to my house I came across another human walking in the rain!