Local Essence Dance

In an interview Barbara Marx Hubbard I was given an amazing practice.  She was being summoned for her wisdom in an interview with Ken Page, who was creating a bonus track for the students in his class.  I was gifted this soundtrack when I purchased his book, Deeper Dating.

Among her many insights as a luminary in the field of conscious evolution, Barbara suggests a simple yet profound practice of journal writing.  The distinction here is that we add a twist, and dialogue with our essence.  Simply write from your Local Self's perspective about what's going on and what is so right now.  Local Self is her sweet way of referring to our mental self or ego.  

Then ask [Dearly beloved, what does this mean?] turn off your mental mind and just write.  You will be coming from the Essential Self, which knows everything that's happening and it knows the guidance you need.  Write without thinking.  What comes to you feels like an inner knowing or guidance.  Create a dialogue between Local and Essential Self until you feel complete.  

Create a regular practice with this writing and then read a week's worth of journal entries, highlighting passages that feel like Inner Scripture.  These are the passages where your essence is being completely authentic.  Create an incorruptible communication system with your Inner Scripture.  

Reread it often, like you would (if you do this kind of thing) with poetry or spiritual text.  After you establish your flow you can even record yourself reading your Inner Scripture with your Essential Self voice.  This becomes an audio activated cellular memory of who you really Are.  By speaking in the tone of your Essential Self you inform your Inner Self with great guidance, as if you were a guru.

Marx Hubbard believes that every essence is a great guru… and that is YOU!

Even though I wanted to begin this practice right away it took me a few weeks to get started.  The sun came out after many days of May gray here in San Diego and I got inspired to take my yoga mat out onto the garden patio.  As I was checking in with my body I was moved to have a conversation with my essence... a real time version of Barbara's journaling practice.

I bent, stretched, and contorted, following where and how my body wanted to move.  Aches and pains were screaming at me and vying for my complete attention.  As I listened and followed I became acutely aware that these sensations were the voice of my ego or local self.  My body moved in  uncomfortable ways; contracting, stretching and getting stuck in the pain.  I was grunting often.  The strongest most intense pain won out over all the others, my body stopped and locked into it.

Then I remembered to ask [Dearly beloved, what does this mean?] and my essence informed my body how to move in flowing infinity sine waves, releasing the pain.  For the next hour or so (I have no idea how much linear time passed) I writhed and rolled, wiggled and shook as I listened intently, followed  and observed.  I diligently took note of every nuance and aHA as if I were being handed the Keys to Self Healing from the greatest guru of all time

When I came back to physical world reality I knew that I needed to record as much as I could remember.  I slowly ambled inside to get my phone and make a voice memo, then dictated as much as I could remember.  Essence guided me to record and dictate while I was in the conversation again with my Local and Essential Self.  I coined this the *Local Essence Dance.

This recording is classic, complete with grunts, moans, and difficult breathing as I do my best to speak intelligibly while in the *LED.  Nature brought tweeting birds, hummingbirds, and wind chimes in for background ambience.  I am now in the process of transcribing it so I can present it in digestible form here.  I tend to jump way out front of myself into the bigger vision... and I'm so excited to teach the world what I've learned about self-healing!

First things first though.  I've committed to making this my primary study.  I feel like I just entered my first class in the first semester in pursuit of a new and different degree.  I'm happy to report that in my recent discoveries I employed everything I've learned in my years of experiencing and studying myriad modalities in the alternative health complimentary care arenas.  But rather than looking outside of me for information and guidance, I found a treasure trove of inner wisdom that is individualized to me.

Perhaps I can help guide you to discover yours.

Clouds parting after mile high dust storm, Indian Wells, CA

Clouds parting after mile high dust storm, Indian Wells, CA

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