Aloha!  You've found your perfect place on the journey to your own harmonic potential.  If you're not at a stable equilibrium point, allow me to assist and support you in getting there.

 ¤   B  A  L  A  N  C  E   ¤

Your experience of life shines with radiant health as you thrive in complete and total wellness.  Harmonically balanced on all levels, you breathe deeper and live completely connected.  Through energywork, sound healing and aquatic bodywork, we remind your bodymindspirit that you are the Love that heals your Self.   

 ¤  Q U A N T U M   H A R M O N Y  ¤   

I have a lifetime of direct experience in the healing arts.  Born and raised in San Diego, CA, I received red carpet medical care as the son of a prominent anesthesiologist.  My maternal Filipino grandfather worked in the tradition of the ancient healers from his islands. From my earliest memories until he died when I was 21, Papa carefully guided me as he recognized that I was part of the healing lineage.  I only came to this realization many years later, at the beginning of my own journey of healing.

My extreme living brought me to the edge of life several times.  I lived in chronic pain with myriad symptoms that allopathic medicine did not help... I was ready and believed when I heard that I could learn how to heal my Self.  The list of modalities I learned and received is quite extensive.  Some worked well, others not at all.

After years of trial and error, health and illness, armed with an unwavering determination to do whatever it took to finally feel good, I learned that I was going in the completely wrong direction.  I kept looking for someone, anyone  to ‘fix’ me.  It wasn't until I learned how to turn my energy and attention around, and have it come back to me, that I got It.

I have become reconnected and reintegrated into my whole Self.  I know/remember deeply in my core that it is the energy of Love that heals me.  

My innate intelligence (the one that created my body from 2 cells) guides my inner physician in self-healing.  I open to Love and allow It to move through me, through my instruments, through the water, through the aether to ultimately remind you.  Your body knows what to do to heal itself, thanks to your innate intelligence.  I don't heal you.  The doctor doesn't heal you.  Your own energy of Love heals you.

I love what I do!  My passion to assist and nurture comes from an authentic place where my heart meets my gifts.  I have always shied away from titles yet have been called many things by different clients.  'Healing Facilitator' feels most appropriate, as I believe it is simply my role to remind your Self that It knows how to heal You.  I am grateful to be of service.

I have studied sound healing with the dolphins (the original sound healers), Joan Ocean and Patricia Cramer on the Big Island of Hawai’i; BioTuning with Jeffrey Thompson (; didjeridoo, toning, and whale song recording with Amber Leiv Monaghan and Sam David; and Holographic Sound Healing with the Hathors and Paul Hubbert. I have certificates in BioTuning and Holographic Sound Healing. 

I received my Masterbodyworker certification at the World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts in 1997.   This includes certificates in Holistic Massage Therapy, Advanced Massage Therapy and Holistic Health Counseling.  I am licensed with the California Massage Therapy Council as a Certified Massage Therapist. Certificate #33840.

I have been doing aquatic bodywork intuitively since 1997, after I received a sample float for 3 minutes at Harbin Hot Springs.  In May 2011, I was offered an opportunity to work at Rancho la Puerta doing Watsu®.  I got certified, learning all of the correct body mechanics and techniques.  This has been the perfect synthesis for me: healing arts in the water.  I dove right in and took as many classes as I could, studying Watsu®, Aquatherics, Water Dance, and Aquatic Integration with Peggy Shoedinger, Theri Thomas, Richard Bock, Shantam Lanz, Kim Hartz, and Cameron West.  My lifetime of riding waves and doing bodywork have all led me to this point wherein aquatic bodywork has floated to the forefront of my passions and practice. 

I am a Licensed Professional Watsu® Practitioner with the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association.  I am also a proud team member of the Wave Academy.  We are a  non-profit organization dedicated to being part of the solution by offering free treatment to wounded veterans medically diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.  I have been providing Watsu® sessions to clients at Rancho la Puerta since June 2011.  I serve private clients in several privately owned pools in Southern California.

My voice, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, didjeridoos, high-tech sound table, far infrared & negative ion amethyst crystal Biomat, warm water bodywork, and conscious loving intention all work synergistically to remind your bodymindspirit that it knows how to heal You!