Quantum Harmony Healing

Aquatic Bodywork

Would you like to get out of gravity for an hour?  Lie back and relax in a perfectly warm pool while I gently move you into deep stretches and multidimensional twists.  It is like having yoga done to you, like being in savasana allowing your body to sink into the earth, yet I’m still moving you into various asanas… all the while doing energywork and massage therapy.  (more about aquatic bodywork here...)

Sound Healing

Quantum physicists have recently proved what the ancients have always taught… that everything is energy.  Sound is vibrational energy and is the primary mover for change.  Everything in our bodies resonates to sound.  Our blood, organs, bones, tissues, etheric and emotional bodies each have tones that represent perfect health. (more about sound healing here...)

To listen to a sample of my Sound Healing music, click on the track above.